delivers energetic and engaging workshops to teens in our schools around Australia.  Our focus is on empowering our youth at school to take control of their futures and their minds. Our aim is to; has been created by teenagers and mental health & AOD specialists. We target youth related issues that are dictated by them and their needs.   One of the creators, Montana, who has recently finished high school, said “Many motivational speakers came my way, yet they all failed to address the issues that we were covertly facing.” brings the topics of mental health, drug  & alcohol and ESL (Early School Leaving) to the stage in a fresh and innovative way.

Many students suffer from self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression and other emotional problems. You only have to look at what is posted on Instagram and Facebook to see that many teens in schools are struggling with mental health issues, often leading to early drinking, partying, self-harm and sometimes suicide attempts.



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Our Drug and Alcohol programs focus on the effects of early drinking on the young brain.  We talk about the effects on their neural pathways and which drugs damage what part of the brain. This includes why drinking or using drugs makes us laugh more, eat more, more confident, more relaxed, more at peace and more of everything.  Emphasis on why teens drink or use and the typical pathway a substance abuser can take towards addiction.  Harm reduction strategies are also incorporated.
Our speakers are young adults that have been adversely affected by drugs and alcohol and have managed to get back on their feet.

This presentation focuses on the reasons for low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.  The consequences of continual destructive thinking and behaviour.  We focus on understanding their beliefs and creating quick and effective ways to change these beliefs. Our speakers are engaging young adults and come from a background of dealing with their own emotional health problems.

Leaving school early leaves us with little or no options. Our workshops focus on both the positive and negative reasons for leaving school early. We look closely at the significance of school, and the relevance of further study and employment.  Addressing issues such as generational unemployment, long term unemployment and employability in a dynamic and energetic way.  We motivate teens to think about their future in a positive and constructive way.  Setting goals, researching and becoming active participants in their future.

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Our programs speak directly to teens after researching what they need right now, by physically going to the streets and asking.  Right now its mental health and drugs & alcohol.  The workshops speak to their current worries and concerns in a down to earth, streetwise way, incorporating music, art and interactive games.
Most importantly, our workshops are full of information that teaches teens ‘why’.  They want to know why their minds are thinking the way they do, and why their minds chose to drink even when it’s not good for them.  Providing them the knowledge about their brain and how it can work for and against them is empowering. Montana said “Being told what not to do didn’t really help, we just turn off. We wanted to find out happen if we did ….”
Our speakers come from a back ground that is relevant to their topics.  They all have ‘a story to tell’ stemming from drinking, drugging, mental health, crime or leaving school early.